Flat Roof Apex System

The Flat Roof Apex System (FRX) creates an enhanced stream of light into the room below and is ideal for kitchen and living areas.

The system is supplied completed with roof windows, insulated upstand and precision flashings.


Year Guarantee

Choose from the following combinations:

  • Integral/Electric Integral
  • White Finish
  • Pine
  • Conservation
  • Electric Operation


Glazing Options:

  • Thermal
  • Hi Therm
  • Triple Glazed
  • Frosted

Expanding Thermal Collar

Just pull the tapes and the foam expands to fill the gap between the window and the roof timbers

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All Weather Ventilation

Keylite Roof Windows all provide trickle ventilation, even with the window fully closed and securely locked.

Ventilation Filter

The built-in insect filter ensures only clean, fresh air passes into the room.

Easy Installation

Simple, Easy.. Fast. From box to roof in 2 minutes. Keylite innovations combine for faster, easier installation.

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All our roof windows are recessed for an in roof look.


All our roof windows are recessed for an in roof look.

Roof Window Sizes

Window Size 780x980 780x1180 780x1400
Structural Opening Size 760x2115 760x2490 760x2900
Pine Finish
Keylite Thermal - Product Code FRX-CP-04-T FRX-CP-05-T FRX-CP-06-T
White Finish
Keylite Thermal - Product Code FRX-WF-CP-04-T FRX-WF-CP-05-T FRX-WF-CP-06-T
Window Size 1570x980 1570x1180 1570x1400
Structural Opening Size 1560x2115 1560x2490 1560x2900
Pine Finish
Keylite Thermal - Product Code DFRX-CP-04-T DFRX-CP-05-T DFRX-CP-06-T
White Finish
Keylite Thermal - Product Code DFRX-WF-CP-04-T DFRX-WF-CP-05-T DFRX-WF-CP-06-T
Window Size 2370x980 2370x1180 2370x1400
Structural Opening Size 2355x2115 2355x2490 2355x2900
Pine Finish
Keylite Thermal - Product Code TFRX-CP-04-T TFRX-CP-05-T TFRX-CP-06-T
White Finish
Keylite Thermal - Product Code TFRX-WF-CP-04-T TFRX-WF-CP-05-T TFRX-WF-CP-06-T

Optional Upgrades

White Finish

A fresh and contemporary look. The wipe clean moisture resistant finish is ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms and other humid areas.

Electric Operation

Electric Operation Fingertip control for out of reach locations.

Smoke Vent

Designed to open automatically in the event of a fire.

Why Keylite?

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Service & Support

Service & Support

Our technical experts are on hand to advise and assist you at the design and specification stage.

Service & Support

Patented Innovation

Our patents mean that other conventional roof windows do not share many of our extraordinary features.

Service & Support

10 Year Guarantee

We are confident that our products will give trouble free performance throughout this period and beyond.

Service & Support

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